Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heart on my sleeve

When I was preparing for my MBA entrance tests, I wrote answers to a few important and essential questions, the ones typically asked during interviews and sometimes while filling the application forms.

On checking the answers, one of my guides quipped, "don't always wear your heart on your sleeve." It implied that I wouldn't make a great impression.

I remembered that.

But what if I learned the most profound business and management lesson out of my failed relationship? And that's the truth, mind you.

Having said that, I still wonder if a management institute would entertain a 'true sulking romantic dishing out management lessons learned out of a break-up' :).

I used to feel so embarrassed earlier (even asked myself if I was making a mistake or what), when I would talk about my girl-friend or my break-up. :) Ridiculous! I suppose I made some good friends out of those conversations.

Anyway, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes fold it too. Marketing myself. Managing. Surviving.