Friday, September 23, 2011

How to treat your business?

That's an odd sort of question. I've been reading all through out my life that business is regarded as an  entity separate/distinct from its owner, even though the latter 'owns' it.

A part of many exercises geared towards defining brand identity, experts resort to personification of the brand. They attach 'values' to brands as if they are humans.

So the question: as an owner how would you treat your business if you perceive it to be your best friend?

You would be yourself.

You would go out of your way to help him if need be.

You would not mind waking up at odd hours to be with him.

You would not mind sacrificing for him.

You would make him feel great in your company.

You would think twice before you hurt him.

You would not even remotely think of exploiting him.

You would give time to listen to him.

You would wish him the best, no matter what state you are in.

You would help him with your time, money and heart.

So, how do you treat your business?