Saturday, November 26, 2011

Campus Placements akin to Cattle Fairs

Satish Pradhan, Tata Sons HR Chief, echoed my long-held views about campus placements while addressing the annual business summit Confluence 2011 at IIM-A.

Just yesterday, before starting my session on Strategic Brand Management at Institute of Management, Nirma University, I shared my two bits with the second year students.

Who's going to come to your campus for placements? Most likely the organizations which want to recruit in large numbers. It is unlikely that a growing small or medium-sized organization which wants to hire one good young grad would visit campuses. But sure there are many many organizations which want one such good guy.

When we've got arguably the best search tools ever available to mankind why do students shrink from searching for the right job, the right organization? Never was connecting with people so easy. And almost all organizations which are doing some good work are available to be searched, to be contacted.

Opportunities galore. Are you ready to name what you want and go searching?