Friday, December 2, 2011

Lost sense of adventure

When majority of the world could be termed lower middle class or poor, and entire lives were spent being just that, I wonder what was called risk. Perhaps going on an adventure trip (typically would mean traveling in unknown unpaved geographical areas) was the biggest risk. And such risks were almost a result of real critical needs. And therefore, adventures got their meaning. In fact, it might not be wrong to say that meaning arose only out of adventures and courage.

In the current world such geographies exist but not many of us feel the need to travel through such geographies. In a lot of ways, we are way too safe. Think about it. How regularly, frequently and unfailingly we meet our needs? Having a little money ensures meeting basic needs pretty easily. That ease also seems to have resulted in a loss of meaning. And yet, how so few of us want to have even a little adventure? Let's say by putting money into a venture, by starting or trying something which involves money and courage...