Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Starring YOU

I like movies and celebrities like any other person who seeks entertainment. Here's what amazes me.

A movie isn't made linearly like we see it. The starting scenes of a movie might be shot after the climactic ones. That's still fine until we talk of actors. I don't know in what sequence was Sholay shot but it could very well turn out that the scene where AB dies was shot (even) before the scene where Dharmendra & AB reach Ramgadh. If for once this is taken to be true, I wonder about the actors' 'sense of story', sense of holism, sense of linearity.

I also wonder about the oft-repeated claim of getting into the skin or heart or mind of the character. Even if that is done, lack of linearity would put anyone off the course. For the hero is dying before even romancing the heroine and is romancing her and singing songs with her even before meeting her for the first time.

And these days, with graphics, animation and special effects occupying a good part of the execution, imagine yourself dressed as a warrior against a bland-colored wall and swinging your sword to cut an imagined dinosaur and then grimacing and then showing stoical triumph on your face.

Have the story/idea in your head? Execute, basis convenience. Last, first, fourth, second, third. Make faces in that sequence. Bear the strangeness of it all. Then before you talk, juxtapose and order the events in a sequence and check if it's convenient to make faces in that sequence. Finally, talk as if all events happened in a sequence, make faces in that sequence and it's all well.