Friday, December 9, 2011

Wield the sword, carefully!

Even if you are careful, there are others who will run riot :)

The eternal human urge to conserve energy which translates into seeking convenience percolates into B-school marketing too. How?

B-schools directly or indirectly market 'guaranteed' placements and hefty packages to lure students. For a parent or student reading an ad or an article, the equation is simple. A B-school might charge a good amount of fee but in return it will offer placements (on a platter).

The result is that students wait for companies to visit campuses and offer them jobs, packages and whatever else. The very thing - initiative among budding managers/businessmen - that a b-school ought to inculcate takes a real beating when students simply wait for the most important milestone to happen in their careers. Just as it happened in movies where a car would stay in its place and the reel would run in the background to make the audience feel that the car is moving. But even if the audience did enjoy the story, they always knew the truth, no?