Saturday, January 14, 2012

Barefoot Running Shoes in India (Post # 2)

On the eve of the Mumbai Marathon, thought I should share this information. No, it is not gonna help you as immediately as tomorrow if you are participating in the event. But surely if you are taking your running seriously, if you are preparing for running long distances seriously, if you've had niggles coz of running and want to avoid them in future, and in general, if you wanna have fitter legs, this information and these kind of shoes might really help.

These are the brands available in India:
  1. New Balance
    Check for the Minimus series of shoes. Want to see how the shoes look like so that you can spot them at the store, visit this page.
  2. Nike
    Check for the Free series of shoes. See how the shoes look like here.
  3. Vivo Barefoot
    I wrote about this brand a few days back. See how the shoes look like here. From my knowledge, this brand is available only at SportXS stores.
Will share more. Stay tuned.

And if you want to read some exciting stuff on barefoot running, check this out.