Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flood of Names

Branding has to contend with quite a few names now. Add to that the words in the message that the brand wants people to remember and credit the brand for.

Depending on the business model and the intentions, one might have to take care of the following names/words. Take for once, Shopper's Stop, a retail hub fashion brands.
  • Retail Store Name - Shopper's Stop
  • Online Store/Domain Name -
  • Tagline/Punchline for the Retail Store - Start Something New
  • Owned Brands - Stop (and similar other names)
Also, important is the category name. Category name of the retail store, category name of the product for which it has an owned brand and so on
  • Category Name for the retail store - Fashion Store? Lifestyle Store?
  • Category Name for the owned brand - Women's Office Wear / Casual Wear, etc.
Sure, category names get embedded in a while and therefore, might not need marketing spends and energies. But for any new position or innovation, category names also need to be remembered.

And many more words are added through campaigns and messages in those campaigns... Imagine the memory capacities of common people! And there's a passage through which these messages reach the place of storage in the consumer's active memory, imagine the width of that passage and possibilities of clogging.

Or if the minds are fertile lands of the earth, imagine the rate of absorption. Also imagine then, the viscosity of the messages. Water-like? Toothpaste-like? Soup-like? Or wood-like? Or metal-like?

So how patient are you? How much do you have? Do you have a nail and a hammer?