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Barefoot Running Shoes in India (Post # 3)

I wrote a couple of posts earlier on Barefoot Shoes (Post # 1 & Post # 2). I wrote also that Vivo Barefoot shoes are now available in India.

A few days back I tried Vivo Barefoot shoes at SportXS. This is the one I really liked and might buy some time soon.

But what's wrong with my current pair of shoes, the Vibram's Five Fingers? Well, nothing really. Enjoying running in them. But I have to wash them very frequently. Almost after every second run. The thing is I sweat a lot and since, I can't quite wear socks in them, they start stinking very quickly.

In this Vivo model, one can wear socks as well. Very airy. Very comfortable. And though not as eye-grabbing as Vibram's Five Fingers, but fairly bright and attractive.

Even as I talk about shoes, the point is they are not really the shoes that make us run well. An obvious point this but often lost on us in our 'buying' driven frenzy. They are not the shoes, it's the running style. The technique. The form. This fabulous article talks more about form and technique and even about the shoes. If the form is not right, no shoe might help. But yes barefoot shoes force a runner into paying attention to the technique and therefore, improve it, resulting in lesser chances of injuries in general.

That said, the typical cushioned and marketed running shoes are definitely not appropriate. Time for you to consider if you are into running or developing a habit of 'running'.

Vivo Barefoot are still not available at a lot of places in India. If you've got the heart to buy shoes without trying them on, this is the place.

And btw, there are white ones too. Awesome!

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