Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An indifferent birthday

A pigeon-couple somehow managed to sneak into our balcony and create a nest on top of my book storage. I shooed them away this morning and pulled the glass shutters tight. Since then, I've watched them umpteen times trying to somehow get back in to their nest. Pecking at the shutter-joints, as if they would poke out a big enough hole. Flying into the glass from different angles. Watching their nest through the glass panes from different positions. May be on occasions watching me watching them.

I doubt the pigeons think of me as the villain. Besides, there's an irresistible urge to keep the balcony clean.

Yesterday, 2nd April, was my birthday.

I've used social media to convey my greetings to many 'friends' in the last few years. Just in the manner that they conveyed yesterday. Yesterday, a lot of people facebooked me. On an earlier birthday I wouldn't expect so many people to greet me. I wouldn't expect so many people at a 'certain distance' to greet me.

Here's the thing. FB is convenient. Monetarily and physical-effort-wise. Can bring people-at-a-distance closer. But it can't bring people who are close any closer. In fact, the convenience and omni-temporal presence of FB on our screens simply creates a layer between the people who are already 'close', especially when it becomes the chosen medium to convey messages.

On an earlier birthday, it wouldn't be so silent. It wouldn't feel so indifferent. It wouldn't feel so distant. It takes a mighty effort to create a ring in words without sound. You can share youtube songs in celebration but there's nothing like listening to a personal lyrical recitation (or repetition) of the words Happy Birthday. 

Here's a little personal unimportant secret. There are a lot of friends whom I felt like getting in touch with on their birthdays but I didn't. Because I was sitting in front of FB. And I said to myself, how convenient! But the dude that I am, I didn't pick my cell-phone and have a two-minute chat.