Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BHK - Residential Architecture thinking

Check the letters highlight by the red circle above. Says 3BHK. B stands for bedroom, H for Hall, K for kitchen. That's what typical residential projects highlight.

How much space does an individual typically get in this country? Parks and tracks are very limited to say the least. Either hopelessly maintained or crowded to the brim.

And the specific space which is always available to a common man, is called bedroom. That's right. That word has 'bed' embedded. And since it's a bedroom, the central element of the room is bed. So what is a person likely to do? Hit the bed and laze or sleep.

I reckon, instead of calling it bedroom, if it were called personal-room, it would be far better. The emphasis would move from 'bed' to the person and how he would use the available space.

Also perhaps, the space might not necessarily be filled with bed. It could just as well be free for this person to do whatever. Bed could be spread or unfolded when needed.

Having personal space could be the biggest factor in cultivating habits that lead to fit and healthy bodies.