Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inadvertent disrespect, is it?

Early morning I called up Justdial to get in touch with some guys who offer injection-moulding services. Out of the few results I received via SMS, I picked one which was nearest to my place and dialed the number.

After an exchange of hellos and explaining how I got his number, I asked, "Do you offer injection-moulding services?"

Guy says, "Yes."

I try to explain to my requirement, "I want to get a box made in transparent plastic material..."

He doesn't let me complete. Blurts out, "Time nahi hai!"

Taken aback, I respond, "Kya matlab time nahi hai?!"

"Matlab ki spare capacity nahi hai."

"Oh, ok!" I hang up.

One of the most amazing things about entrepreneurship is bearing and negotiating your way through numerous such conversations as you are trying to set things up.

Politeness isn't just being nice on the face (and talking whatever behind the back). Politeness is a face of the respect one holds deep within for just being human and for appreciating humanness. Business or no business is at best a consequence, to which politeness, along with many other factors, contributes.