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Ever noticed the body of a surfer? The way a surfer walks? The way a surfer observes? The way a surfer sits? The way a surfer tans?

And they juxtaposed 'surfing' with 'internet' and innocuously called it internet surfing. Making a few rolls of the eyes and clicks of the fingers seem cool.
Noticed the body of an internet surfer? The belly? The powers of observation? The tone of the skin? The sound of the breathing?
Cool words are a tool of marketers. Splitting the cool words is the job of a person who wants a cool body, a cool life.

Daily Planner for Efficiency

One year and 10 months of being 'entrepreneurial' leads me to recommend this.

Of course, nothing happens if we don't lift our feet. However, to be able to lift our feet to accomplish the little things every single day, to be able to utilize time to our satisfaction every day, requires a little work.

So here's what has held me in good stead so far:

I have a LIST OF PEOPLE (not list of tasks) with whom I sense I'll have to deal frequently during any given time-period.

With that list of people, I have a sheet which gets divided into 4 columns: FOLLOW-UP, RESPOND, ACT, GOOGLE (SEARCH).

I realize game theoretical play is common among all sorts of people. If I initiate, people don't respond. But that could also have more reasons than simple game theory :). So, FOLLOW-UP is a must if you have to get anything done.

Game theory and other reasons - significantly, 'memorial lapses' - apply to me as well. And I've observed myself to be particularly lax in resp…

Story of Bulbuls

That's the Mother Bulbul. Ever since she built the nest she used to occupy my bike very often. Didn't fly even when I was just a foot away. Instead, perhaps frightened by my presence, she would increase the intensity of her calls.

That's the parking lot adjacent to ours. The guy is looking in the direction of the nest on top.

Three babies in the nest. Only two can be seen clearly.

That's the Mother Bulbul on one of her regular feeding occasions. The pics were taken in the morning.

In the last few days when I came back from Mississippi in the evening and when I found the tube-light on, I would switch it off. The passers-by would watch curiously why I did that. It is then that most of them started noticing the nest actually. That act of mine drew attention to the Bulbul family.
On Friday morning, to send a picture of the Bulbuls to participate in a contest on one of the websites dedicated to saving birds, I started clicking pictures and drew yet more attention to these …

Buildings shape us

Winston Churchill's quote: We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

I've got this little desk which gets occupied by the laptop and the wires behind. I don't get enough space to place an open diary when the laptop's open and on. And when I say 'when the laptop...' it's almost all the time that I spend at my desk. Instead of scribbling useful stuff on paper, now I find myself staring at the laptop screen so often with very little to do. And I also find myself numbly jogging my memory to remember to do something, of course on the laptop, since it occupies all the space.

Did I anticipate this when the interior work was happening? No. Why don't I change the setting now? I am thinking about it. So what's stopping? That so much effort and money has been put in and one change could mean changes to a lot of other things. So it's gonna take time to change the setting. Until then, this shape that I gave to the desk and the space around, and this la…