Sunday, October 7, 2012

Buildings shape us

Winston Churchill's quote: We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

I've got this little desk which gets occupied by the laptop and the wires behind. I don't get enough space to place an open diary when the laptop's open and on. And when I say 'when the laptop...' it's almost all the time that I spend at my desk. Instead of scribbling useful stuff on paper, now I find myself staring at the laptop screen so often with very little to do. And I also find myself numbly jogging my memory to remember to do something, of course on the laptop, since it occupies all the space.

Did I anticipate this when the interior work was happening? No. Why don't I change the setting now? I am thinking about it. So what's stopping? That so much effort and money has been put in and one change could mean changes to a lot of other things. So it's gonna take time to change the setting. Until then, this shape that I gave to the desk and the space around, and this laptop that's been created by humans, will shape me.