Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A few days back, I felt an urge at 3:30am to find out what makes these sports shoes so expensive. I thought, let me read up on the internet. But I had done that on a couple of occasions earlier too. And I lost all that I had learnt.

It struck me that there are a couple of pairs which I've stopped wearing. I picked one, grabbed my scissors and went dissecting an actual shoe. So this is the result. You can count the number of components in a typical shoe.

There's designing of course, lots of stitching and most importantly, moulding. Add to that there's quite a bit of 'complexity' too. They call it technology. Compare the above design with the one below.

Significantly less number of components and when you look closely, significantly less complexity. Besides, these red shoes proved to be far more relaxing and fun when worn for long hours. And while running they help me develop a form which is less injurious than the form I adopted coz of the heavily technologized shoes above.

Interestingly, the red shoes should cost, by virtue of its simplicity, should cost less than the technologized shoes. But no. Not yet. In fact, significantly more. Those in the thrall of technology are yet to appreciate these, and so I reckon volumes are limited. Early adopters gotta pay. And they are happy paying.

The thing is whether you can get your market to appreciate the nuances. And how sooner?