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The First Sockwa Experience - Barefoot Running Shoes in India (Post # 5)

After some wait, I received my red Sockwa G2 pair day before yesterday. Was eager to experience them on the tarmac since that's what I had in mind when I ordered.

If you ponder about the name, you get the essence of these shoes. They snug like socks and work like shoes.

I ran 4 kms and skipped for about 10 minutes. I've done the same quite often in other makes like Vibram's Five Fingers, Vivo Barefoot. Here's a little comparison. Mind you, the context is Indian roads and conditions.

VVF have a thicker, harder sole. When I run in those I run watching my surroundings - the tree, the birds, the buildings, the people - more than the terrain. With VB, very much the same but I have to watch out more frequently to avoid stepping on the little stones. Wearing Sockwa, my concentration and eyes were fully on the tarmac. For how light and thin they are, they induce you into concentrating on the activity. I won't claim but I suppose they would aid the runner in focusing on the running form, for otherwise running just won't be pleasurable.

I also think I could have ordered size 12 instead of 11. My foot measurement is close to 27.4 cms, or may be 27.5 cms. However, the make is such that a size smaller or bigger might not make a hell lot of difference. Most importantly, they won't hurt the toes.

A nice gift to myself this winter. 2013 will see me very often in my red Sockwa. :)

I've written about VFF and VB as well, just in case you are curious. Check the posts here.

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