Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why is it difficult to write good quality content?

Just compare the number of words written on a hand-written page with those typed on a web page. Count. In a given space, number of typed words would be ten or twenty or even more than hand-written words. We are still accustomed to hand writing.

First we shape the buildings and then the buildings shape us. The laptop/computer screen accommodates so many letters and words that it must be a challenge for most to accept the empty screen space. On the other hand, text typed in big letter sizes feels really odd to read. Content writers often get shaped by the technology of the screen.

Here's a thought. The screen space, especially the width, meant for typing can be clearly and narrowly demarcated. And content writers write in that space. That's it. No gibberish. No stretching.

Indeed, it impacts the web design. But in a manner that visitors feel like reading.