Thursday, March 28, 2013

The definition of 'doing'

is well understood in general.

However, I feel I should clarify myself and see if I understand it just as it is understood in general in the current context.

Posting an update on FB/Twitter is recording. Posting a thought on FB/Twitter is recording. Posting a picture on FB/Twitter is showing a picture. Posting something for the purpose of initiating a debate or conversation and which eventually leads to a debate or conversation, is just that: a debate or conversation. Posting an idea in a manner so that it spreads is just that: posting an idea so that it spreads. Posting a joke one has read so as to entertain others who read it is just that: entertainment.

To my mind, recording, posting, debating, conversing, entertaining isn't doing, unless one's rewarded just precisely to do those things. And besides, 'rewarded' demands a definition.

'Doing', most of the time, excludes all of the above.