Tuesday, June 25, 2013

47% graduates in India unemployable for any job

From Hindustan Times, Mumbai Edition, 25th June 2013
This little piece appeared in a little column which could easily have been missed (and in fact, would have been missed by plenty of readers, if not majority).

Generations must have passed through years and years of education without leaving a trace of any worthwhile work. Incredible! How does a country change? How does a country choose the right people to rule itself? How does a country make sense of anything important at the macro level? How does a country take constructive collective action at all?

2 ways come to mind promptly: 1) finding some space for such news on the main page so long as people still habitually read newspapers in the morning, and 2) allotting greater space to such news, at least greater than the coaching class ads that boast of top-rankers in this exam or that exam.