Monday, August 5, 2013

A story of wealth-making and classroom

I think wealth and wealth-making concerns all of us, in spite of the fact that we forever debate its meaning and never ever come to a great conclusion.

But all of us, at least majority of us, buy the point that we should have wealth and we should make wealth.

Now that 'we should make wealth' is such an overwhelming agreement among the people of the world, doesn't it sound obvious that every kid must learn 'how to make wealth'.

And the isn't it obvious that there should be schools explicitly meant for the purpose of the teaching 'wealth-making' and awarding degrees like 'Master of Wealth Creation'.

I am talking rubbish! I don't understand that wealth creation is a result of doing something.

Mark those last two words 'doing something'. Now question, how is a classroom defining 'doing something'. How is a classroom teaching the class about 'doing something'?

Imagine such ill-defined words as 'wealth' and 'doing something', and every classroom filled for those two ill-defined words. Degrees and yet more degrees awarded in pursuit of the ill-defined meaning of such words.

If you look up the Oxford dictionary (or deploy any other trick) to prove me wrong that these words are ill-defined, don't crib about your salary.