Saturday, August 3, 2013

I love Kareena Kapoor!

Actually, I like this look.

No, actually I like this white dress.

Ummm, no, I like the style at the neck.

Or, do I like the way her hand rests on the side?

In fact, I like that lone ring. See, how beautifully it matches with her dress.

It looks to me, she's been made up. I like the make-up then.

Oh, they are the lips! Full and glossy!

No no no! I think I like this non-earrings look!

I think it isn't the make-up really. It's photoshop!

Forget the make-up I think I am not able to make up my mind.

Whatever words I choose, I can convince you and yet not be able to tell you exactly what it is. And therefore, perhaps after the initial convincing, leave you unconvinced about what I say.

If I am a ring collector, I'll talk about the ring. If I'm a heroine-obsessed movie buff, I'll talk about Kareena. If I'm a white color fanatic, I'll express my appreciation for the dress. If I'm a hair-style experimenter, I'll start appreciating that. Being a graphics designer, I'll appreciate the graphics guy who isn't visible out here.

Truth is, when a band plays, every note has to be played 'right', every instrument has to jam with the other, every guy has to use his senses to stay in tune.

This Kareena Kapoor pic looks great. And I call it 'Kareena Kapoor pic' coz we recognize her and she fills most of the frame. It could just be a 'white dress pic'. But if Kareena didn't have the body, that white dress wouldn't be noticeable. Or if this white dress weren't this stylishly created, I wouldn't have noticed Kareena Kapoor so intently this morning.

It never is one thing. It's always a composition. You gotta make things jam.