Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The problem with thinking about future

Trudging on a path, or driving, I cannot help but look at the immediate pothole or bump. And I have to make sure that I handle it properly. Even if I do know that there's a big pothole after 2 kms, I can't do anything until I really reach the spot. Yes of course, I can think of ways to go around the pothole but if I think a lot, with reasonable certainty I would be running into a lot of potholes anyway before even reaching the one I would be thinking of avoiding.

I can think of the future but I can't act in the future.

I can act in the present based on my vision of the future but even so only when my act is well adapted to the present, and to all that are a part of the present.

I sense I have been trying the impossible. I sense a big pothole in the future and am trying to avoid it right from this moment on. The world around doesn't even wanna know about the pothole!

I suppose future is only as far away or as near as your next step.