Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where's the hunger?

A friend, who has been handling recruitment at one of the big organizations, observes primarily in organizations there is a failure in treating candidates with dignity. No wonder, when they are hired the organization doesn't really get the desired results.

Organizations probably do that to get an upper hand in negotiations. Perhaps drag down the compensations. They are 'human resources' after all. Cost-heads. Bring the costs down and add to profits.

I have sought many a job in my not so long corporate career and I can say this. There are organizations that seek the 'hungry' and then do what I wrote above. There are other organizations which seek the 'hungry' and reward them positively.

There's another breed apart from the 'hungry' though. They aren't hungry. They thrive on response, reciprocation and respect. When they find the organization responding and reciprocating, they give more out of their heart, producing almost as if stuff coming out of a magician's hat. I wonder if there are many organizations which realize this and are geared for this.