Sunday, September 30, 2012

Invisible Shoes

For anyone who has been into running, and has had to grapple with small or big injuries induced by running, and has spent a good deal of time picking appropriate/perfect running shoes, this is a must watch/read. And for those who are interested in marketing and communication of any sort, this is a must must watch/read.

The oxymoron called INVISIBLE SHOES. And this is a positive note (I mean no contempt coz of it's oxymoronity). Click on the link and check. You'll see 'shoes' like these.

Shoes, these are shoes? And invisible, we are saying?

These are huaraches. (This isn't news, these are already quite popular.) If you were asked to wear huaraches by a Mexican tribesman, you would've frowned. A flaunty burly inebriated guy might have even kicked that tribesman with his Nike pairs :).

In the context of running and shoes-obsessed runners, the way to cut through was take a relative position. Compared to the stuffy big running shoes, of course they can be said to be 'invisible'. They are sandals but for guys wanting 'shoes', the way to make them look at this option is to call it a 'shoe'. And to charge whatever they are charging (which isn't a big deal), the prices of current crop of shoes is a good benchmark.

I might get one of these soon enough :).