Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pizza Hut's fraud (or intention to fraud)

Sunday afternoon, I went to Pizza Hut. While ordering, I happened to see that stamp like symbol so prominently placed on the menu. Says "all inclusive Pricing" with a capital P. That term and that symbol seem so assurance-giving.

After having had my meal, I checked the bill. It had 10% Service Charges added to the total amount.

I enquired. I showed to the waiter that mighty symbol that seemed so reassuring. In turn, the waiter showed me the fine print at the bottom of the menu with the asterisk mark. Then showed the asterisk mark at the end of the term "all inclusive Pricing".

Wtf! Does the word 'all' and the word 'inclusive' have some sanctity or not?! It's like saying no-conditions attached, subject to this condition. Is the word bigger or that fucking * mark with the fine print? That's what it has come down to for the big brands, is it?