Monday, May 13, 2013

Why MBAs so often suck?

Because the guys tried memorizing from the textbooks and then cleared the exams to get the MBA certifications.

Textbooks are like ready-made gourmet platters. The metaphor sounds nice until we realize that gourmet can still find good space in a stomach and be digested. If only one could lick up the words and store them in the memory bin to be digested. Mighty difficult. Digestion in the head takes doing things with hands, legs and heads together and associating the words and concepts neatly explained and organized in the textbook with the sequentially messy things happening in the world outside the textbook. This kind of digestion is painful.

MBAs, by and large, don't remember all of the textbook. Besides, they typically find it difficult to move hands, legs and heads together in any kind of rhythm. Besides lack of rhythm, all want insane amounts in salaries for that very special exhibition of lack of rhythm.

Everyone's watching.