Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The information revolution is rather stunted

It doesn't mean that it hasn't benefitted us all.

Here's a little point. Can you possibly go through all the FB posts of your friends on any given day? Most likely, no! And yet there's this incessant urge to share some or the other thing on FB, of course in the hope that friends will read or see the post/update.

For this incessant and in all likely self-unregulated urge, there's practically no data for the user of FB to make any smart judgments about all his/her activity. Though, of course, FB has all the data at its disposal. Can it make the same available to its users? Very much. But it doesn't. Users therefore don't necessarily have any great means to understand and make their updates any better.

Users (including me perhaps) keep generating cluttering content. Users have limited time. Users don't go through all that's posted. Immensely wasteful effort and time for one and all. No measure to understand what's waste and what's wonderful. And FB puts a cap on free-flow of both the wasteful and the wonderful to generate money out of its users. 

FB learns and earns, user doesn't. Forget earning, largely, the user doesn't even learn. Even if he/she is learning, the learning curve is rather long and very very slow at best.